the color was her passion

Here we go! Skin Deep and more Rumbelle in the stream!

I’ll be starting the stream up in about 10 minutes to play some Rumbelle. Feel free to swing by!

SKIN DEEP! Or any other Rumbelle episode. I'm thinking of writing a His Dark Materials!Rumbelle AU to start honing my writing skills again, but I have to figure out what their daemons would be.

You all heard the lady, Skin Deep in 30 minutes. Possibly followed by moar Rumbelle. Gotta help a fellow writer out ;)

Meet up in the stream if you’re game! I’ll aim for 7 pm PST.

North & South on deck

Starting in about ten minutes. Do feel free to stop by!

Here’s a teaser:

Hey all! Streaming North & South at 5 pm PST for all interested parties. That’s a little less than three hours from now. Feel free to drop in!

Starting soon: North & South

Hey peeps! In about an hour I’m going to start up the stream to play North & South. Feel free to come and hang out!

Well, well, well. 

Look’s like it’s about that time again, kids. Time to ruin some lives with the utter perfection that is the BBC’s 2004 miniseries, North & South. 

All interested parties, do feel free to dog pile on this post. I’m jolly well inclined to have a viewing tonight. If that doesn’t suit, how about 12 pm PST tomorrow night, the usual place? An encore viewing is not out of the question, either.

Do let me know when I can expect you.

All right, away we go! I’m starting with Beauty and the Beast. Feel free to stop by!

Hi everyone! In about an hour I’ll be starting up the stream. Come in, chat, watch movies. Lots of fun, maybe someone will prompt smut. You never know ;)