the color was her passion


If bts photos of Rumple giving Belle those flowers pop up tonight I will probably die. Just sayin.

Fanart of this kinda BECAUSE SO MANY FEELS

this is the cutest thing on earth





in which belle comes back and rumple uses the stairs for the first time (◡‿◡✿)

The man beneath the monster may be flawed, but we all are.
And I love you for it. “


In which the ~300-year-old dark sorcerer behaves like he’s 5. Inspired by this twitter parody.

I’m supposed to be drawing other stuffs what am I doing.


Well I guess after the cane of feels blow to my brain’s heart tonight this seems a little late. But after Rumpel said that all I could imagine was Belle going to the animal shelter and snagging a sheepdog puppy named Max and welp going to go cry now

I was remiss in not including sex related posts in the last set so this happened