Science Boop.

To verify the leather tautness.

Because Science.






Rumplestiltskin knew that Belle liked to draw but he never wanted to see them. He thought she was drawing pictures of her old, better life, and places she would rather be(like his wife used to do). Little did he know..

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Wait, how is Zelena controlling Rumple, it doesn’t say “Mr. French” on the blade?


i wont let this go


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What’s most important in looking at Rumple’s conversation with Zelena about his abandonment and childhood is that is is tailored for her. Rumplestiltskin does not lie outright. He simply selects those truths that are most helpful to his end. He wants Zelena to trust him and feel connected to him. That backfired because Zelena is more possessive than he could have predicted, but the intent is the same as always. 

He tells her about his abandonment and childhood because that is what she understands. He told Cora he thought of bloodlust and ripping out the throats of those who hurt him because that is what she understood. He tells Charming about Belle because Charming understands True Love. What does Emma understand? Protecting her child, he’ll give her a dose of that. 

He struggles with Belle because that doesn’t work with Belle. She is not interested in bits and pieces, and, even if she were, Rumple seems hard pressed to find ones that “fit” her. She is brave and grew up in wealth/love and bears no one any ill will. Rumple can’t find a tidbit to offer her. The closest thing he has is a library, and we now know that was only ever hers. Rumple has to give all of himself to her in a way he never had to with Zelena or Cora or anyone else. He might not share as readily, but what he says to her is ultimately more meaningful because it is given IN trust, not to gain it.